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We chose ThriveUnion because to truly thrive, it requires a focus on unity, which is foundational to lasting life fulfillment. Without the basis of union with others, true peace and joy will remain elusive. Little that life has to offer will fill that void. As such we put relationship before agenda in all we do, and we are committed to valuing others above all else.

As for thriving, we live in a relentless, never-ending quest for better. We collectively explore where we are at in the various areas of our life, identify what the next levels look like and support each other in reaching our full-potential - living a life of meaning, purpose, positive emotions and rewarding relationships.

To learn more about ThriveUnion please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page here: 

ThriveUnion FAQs

Our Mission

To empower you to grow, know true belonging, and improve your world.

"I love ThriveUnion because it's uplifting. I've made new friends, hanging out with them outside of the main group, enjoying lunches, great talks, philosophizing, and warmth. I've had difficulty making intimate friends in So Cal, but ThriveUnion has represented one of the first times I've been able to make them, all while learning great things too." 



“ThriveUnion is a haven for me where I can be myself without concern about judgement. My new friends are welcoming and warm. I look forward to each Sunday meeting to explore introspective topics and the company of others. It’s the best way to start my week, immersed in the smiles, laughter, and support of good companions.”

Kathleen M.

Community is Essential

Being in community is much more important to us than we realize. It’s not just about finding friends and meaning – it also gives us longer, healthier – and happier lives.

In a Harvard research study conducted over 80 years, they determined that embracing community does just that. Click below to read the results of the study.

Read Harvard Study

Our Core Values

Reciprocal Altruism

We generously contribute realizing that we’ll receive equitable or even compounded benefits from within our community.

Radical Belonging

Everyone is affirmed as an equal regardless of anything.

Flourish Without Harm

All humans deserve to live meaningful lives full of purpose, belonging and growth.

Ferocious Action Taking

We achieve fulfillment through doing. No one sits on the sidelines.

Absolute Responsibility

Everyone is empowered to create the life of their choosing.

Truth Relentlessly Pursued

We hold facts and pragmatic solutions over loyalty to incorrect beliefs.

Humble Self-Introspection

Growth begins from within and thrives with constructive feedback.

Joyful Celebration

We live in glorious wonderment in the discovery of nature and human experience. We laugh, we play and love more.

Intentional Community

We intentionally build relationships to develop trust and the social fabric.

World Embetterment

We leave everywhere, everything and everyone better than we found it.