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Give to ThriveUnion

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and our community is 100% supported by Member donations. Our member donations first fund our meetings (location, professional entertainment, facilitation, food, etc.). Next, our donations fund the expansion of our values via opening new chapters and creating administrative infrastructure (websites, software, office supplies).

We are continually working on our mission to help individuals thrive through building true communities around the world. Please help us make this happen!

How to Help

If you would like to donate to the work of ThriveUnion, please click here to give. For any donation to the ThriveUnion of $15.00 or more you will receive a receipt for income tax purposes.

Become a Member
Becoming a member of ThriveUnion would not only be a benefit to ThriveUnion— you will get a benefit as well. Click here to see ThriveUnion Member Benefits.

Refer a Member
Do you know someone who could benefit from ThriveUnion? Please refer them to us so they can be part of a community that we help them thrive.


Form 990
501(c)(3) Documentation