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We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit and our community is 100% supported by donations.

Currently, our donations fund the following:
  • our meeting location
  • audio/visual equipment, supplies, and food needed during our gatherings
  • speakers, professional entertainment, and facilitation
  • Retreat, member education, and event scholarships
  • Member education (books, videos, audio)
  • Technology infrastructure – website, CRM, online promotional sites, etc.
  • Volunteer opportunities within our community
As we continue to expand the Uplifters and our values, the funds will go to the opening of new chapters. This will include the same expenses that we are currently incurring in our initial chapter.

You can view our financial reports by downloading and viewing our Form 990 and 501(c)(3) below.

Form 990 501(c)(3) Documentation