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ThriveUnion Sunday Gathering

Each week we come together to strengthen our friendships, create new ones (that means you!), learn new knowledge and skills to enhance our lives, build and strengthen our awesome community, and have FUN doing so. 

But overall… we’re here to fulfill our Uplifter Mission:   To empower you to grow, know true belonging and improve your world. 

What Can You Expect?

Our weekly meetings are led by a professional (OK, semi-professional) facilitator and the meetings typically include a selection of the following:

·        Speakers
·        Educational & Inspirational Videos (aka TED talks)
·        Large Group Sharing
·        Small Group Discussions
·        Fun Exercises
·        Meditation
·        Sharing
·        Songs & Music (singing not required)
·        Food!
·        A Lot of Laughter

You are invited to join us at any time!   Please come by and say hello.

More About the Uplifters Mission

Empower You to Grow

At ThriveUnion, we believe everyone should thrive and have the life they truly want. This is much easier to accomplish when you have people around that want to see you thrive as well.

Our Sunday gatherings are designed to help you gather knowledge, confidence, or help from other ThriveUnion members to move you on a thriving path.

Know True Belonging

One of our core values is “Radical Belonging”. When you come to our Sunday Gatherings, know that you are welcome with open arms.

We know it takes courage to walk into a new situation and meet new people for the first time. We’ve all been through it! We have great admiration for you and your courage for just showing up!

We’ve made some incredible connections and friendships through ThriveUnion, and know you will too.

Improve Your World

Each Sunday Gathering provides opportunities to help you improve your world. This includes your family, work, communities around you. We have exercises and knowledge to help your in many areas of your life.

But we help you improve not only your world, but also the communities and world we live in.

We have volunteer and educational opportunities to help us all make the world a better place. We visit food kitchens, clean up the environment, serve families in need, and much more. Please check our calendar for our volunteer events.