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ThriveUnion Member Benefits

As a Member of ThriveUnion, you will have access to benefits and resources that will help you thrive, in many areas of your life. You will also be instrumental in shaping the ThriveUnion community as you get to be part of the planning and decision-making processes that will impact our future.


Membership Benefits Include:


The Transformation Track Certification Program

      Participate in activities, learn knowledge and develop values to improve your life and our community


Special Access to the ThriveUnion Member-Only Website

      Resources and helpful information for members

      Member contact list

      A Member forum to help and receive help from other members

      Access to all resources from our past meetings (presentations, exercises, videos, guides)

      Supplemental resources not seen at the meetings


Member Meetings and Special Events


Member Voting Rights


A Permanent ThriveUnion Name Badge (you know you want one!)

If you would like to be a member, please click this button and fill out the form. We will contact you shortly to show you the next step to join ThriveUnion.  

Or you may see more detailed information about ThriveUnion Membership Benefits by clicking on the button to the right: