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ThriveUnion Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

We’re located in the heart of Orange County, CA

What is ThriveUnion anyway?

ThriveUnion is a real-world community and Life School dedicated to human well-being. Our regular events include parties, game nights, supper clubs, hikes, and thrive meetings to build deep levels of intimacy, empower us to grow, and improve our world. Our Life School provides educational videos, articles, conferences, and educational courses.

You can find us on Facebook ( and our website ( Connect with us on Meetup ( to see upcoming events and RSVP!

Why does ThriveUnion exist?

Our society is facing an epidemic of loneliness; many feel isolated or devoid of meaning. Accumulating as much as possible has produced wealth but not happiness. Instead of numbing ourselves through addictions or entertainment, we believe the answer lies in building profound communities where people share values, experiences, and growth. According to the nearly 80 year old Harvard Study of Adult Development, the number one predictor of health, happiness, and longevity is the quality of our relationships. We believe in applying those findings by building intimate communities.

Why are you all so happy?

We're happy because we're friends and we get to see each other! We value each person's intrinsic value and believe you have a place with us even if you feel the meetings aren't for you. If we come off as friendly, it's because we sincerely want to get to know you. We strive for fulfillment, which includes confronting life’s difficulties head on. Our Sunday meetings have community share time where people can bring up concerns, challenges, or secret battle they’re struggling with.

What can I expect from a Sunday thrive meeting?

  • Meet-and-greet, including light snacks
  • Short Meditation
  • Thrive lesson/discussion or activity (generally from positive psychology or TED talks)
  • Community contributors (one to two brief talks)
  • Community shares (open format to share experiences, triumphs, struggles, or petitions for help)
  • Community huddle (sharing unconditional positive regard with each other)

I'm uncomfortable with a particular activity.

Everything is optional. If you feel uncomfortable, please tell a badge-wearing member and they'll be happy to chat with you outside of the activity. That said, we recommend first considering the adage, "There's no comfort in a growth zone and no growth in a comfort zone." Some discomfort can be helpful for growth.

I'm not making any connections.

It may take a bit of time. We recommend trying our group at least three times or attending our other activities. Asking someone to meet up one-on-one during the week is a great way to connect. It can also help to get involved! Ask a badge-wearing member how you can contribute to meetings.

Why do you push membership?

Sustaining membership keeps our community active and healthy, especially as we move into a permanent location. As always, we'd rather have you here and not pay, then not have you at all, so feel free to ignore invitations to become a member. We are a non-profit; no one receives payment and all funds go back into supporting and expanding the community.


Are you a cult?

No. We are not religious or political and will not tell you what to believe or think. We are simply nice people who want to be around other nice people and pursue goodness and personal growth. Cults have beliefs outside the norm, manipulate to get commitment and promote autocratic leaders. Cults sadly co-opt good principles to entrap followers (for example: community, love, volunteering) which has made people very skeptical of any group that is welcoming.

Someone said something rude, or I hated the lesson. I'm out of here!

Communities can be messy, the same as most relationships. We're often too quick to leave healthy communities over issues that can be resolved. We recommend practicing unconditional positive regard. This means respecting others as human beings with agency and acknowledging that they're doing their best, even when they disappoint or hurt us. ThriveUnion members are open to discussing any concerns had during or outside meetings. Communities are worth it in the long run for our health, happiness, and longevity. If you feel ThriveUnion isn't right for you, we wish you the best and would still love to have you participate in whatever way you're comfortable with.