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Our Mission

To empower you to grow, know true belonging, and improve your world.

Who are we?

We're a group of welcoming individuals in search of others who want to learn, grow, and flourish - together. We seek to create a community and surround ourselves with those committed to helping themselves and others achieve their full potential.

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“I credit the ThriveUnion community with many of the positive changes I’m seeing in my life right now. I’m understanding my place in the world like never before, and I’m supported by a wealth of great new experiences and friends!”
- Allan S.
ThriveUnion empowers people to develop character, grow deep, interdependent relationships, and improve the world we inhabit.

Our Influence

We are greatly influenced by The Power of Meaning: Creating a Life that Matters by Emily Esfahani Smith. Smith's theory of meaning centers on three pillars:
  • Purpose
  • Belonging
  • Growth
  • Transcendence (to break through or rise above something)
In today's society, many focus on pursuing happiness. However, Smith argues that utilizing our time, effort, and money to seek only happiness won't actually help us to obtain it. Instead, she believes that the key to true happiness lies in the pursuit of meaning.

We do as well.

When you join ThriveUnion, you will embark on a journey that will help you discover more meaning in your life.

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Could you see yourself becoming part of a like-minded community, exploring and discovering deeper meaning for your own life, while helping others to do the same?
If you want to go fast, go alone.
If you want to go far, go together
- African Proverb -

Experience ThriveUnion for Yourself

Come meet with us! We have weekly meetings (on Sundays) that are led by a professional facilitator. They typically consist of presentations, discussions, exercises in both large and small group scenarios, and a few surprises thrown in the mix. You will learn knowledge and experience techniques that you can apply immediately in both your professional and personal life.

We also have special interest member events, weekend retreats, and community service events.

But most importantly, we're building a community that is much more than a group of friends or neighbors. It is shared values, a common philosophy, and collective mission. We believe strong communities are essential to a better world.

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We Thrive More When We Thrive Together